Crocodile Tears

Evening 2


Malak hides in the alley, bow ready, waiting for the guard to exit the tavern with Maverick

“Can I come to the palace too?” Normus inquires of the guard. “My sisters may be there for a function. I wouldn’t know for sure, but I need some cash.”

“If not,” he whispers to himself, while pointing at the door that Malak and John went through to exit the tavern. “I would like to see what these two weirdoes are doing.”

“Fine. I’ll let you use my lift pass, but only if you help me take this woman to the palace. Hurry, or I won’t win the extra rations.” The guard replies

Maverick looks over at Normus and mouth to him a clear and vengeful “fuck you pervert” She keeps her eyes peeled for Malak and John. “Fine,” Maverick says looking at the guard, “but you arent going to like me.” she smiles and begins to walk towards the door and looks back “well? let’s go already.”

John quickly digs his claws into the side of the tavern, and effortlessly scales it. He is positioned right over the door.

“Come on you middle class scum, let’s get this oracle to the palace.” The Royal guardsman says kicking open the front door and stepping outside.

“Thank you,’ Normus says as he now follows the guards, clenching his hands together evilly.

Malak, stepping from the shade, knocks a darkwood arrow and lets it loose aiming towards the guard’s head.

John grabs his sickle in his hand and jumps down for an aerial attack on the guards.

Just as Malak fires his arrow, John drops out of the sky. The arrow meant for the guard’s head splunks into John’s shoulder. John takes 2 damage. The guardsman looks around in utter confusion, then notices the 6 foot tall lizardfolk, lying on the ground bleeding form his shoulder. He then looks at Malak.

“Thank you my lord!” The guard smiles as he drags Maverick out of the tavern.

John pulls out the arrow and yells “where me embassy me want rights!”

“Ya got no embassy here, ya big crocodile. Come on ya cow, and you too ya middle class scum” The guard slanders.

As the guard passes by, he says to Malak,

“Excellent shot sir. You must be a general. Come with me back to the palace, I’ll see to it that you get a great room.”

Before the dumbfounded Malak has a chance to react, John shouts “NO! Me go to swamp or me get rights! or say it to me face you coward.” at the guard

“You wanna fight or something you damn reptile.” The guard turns to John

John jumps the guard carrying maverick and attacks him on the head with his sickle.

Malak knocks another darkwood arrow, waiting for John, and the guard to separate

With the guard now clearly distracted, Maverick takes aim for the back of the guard’s kneecaps with her staff and then quickly swings around front, jamming on end of the pole into the guard’s stomach.

“Please, do not hurt me!” Normus yells.

Maverick busts the the guard in the knee cap with the tip her staff, then flips her grip on the staff around and slams him in the back, sending him crashing to the ground. He takes 2 damage.
John roars with fury, and leaps into the air, his eyes glowing red. He epic strikes the downed guard, dealing 4 damage. The guard is bloodied. He blindly fumbles for his heavy mace hanging from his belt while also pathetically attempting to push John’s bulk off of him.

“John move ur head!” Maverick says and drives her staff down through the guard’s left eye socket, twisting it in hard.

John moves his head and drools on the guard a bit and says “Now who be crocodile scum!” and then bites the hand of the guard that is holding the mace.

John swivel’s his head, and maverick stabs the guard in the eye. He takes 2 damage. John sinks his teeth into the guard’s hand. He takes an additional 1 damage. With his last conscious strength, the guard punches John in the snout. John takes 2 damage. The guard finally loses consciousness to blood loss.

“Damn it John! Of all the fucking times you coulda fell outa the sky. I cuda had that bastard dead without all this fucking mess.” Malak remarks “Grab the coward and the orphan; let’s get outa here NOW!”

“Can we just leave the coward behind?” Maverick asks glaring at him, “He’s stupid and perverted!”

She takes the little girl by the hand, “Have u eaten enough not to eat your fingers sweetie?” Maverick “Here climb on my back, u must be tired,” Maverick says smiling at the little girl.

“MY NOSE! HE PUNCH ME IN F*******CKING NOSE! FIX STUPID HUMANS! FIIIIIIIIXXXXXX!” john shrils in agony. “Me take perveted human. me like him. You stupid girl heal poor girl instead of own comrade! you B*****ch.” (everything censored is said in draconic so no one understands it unless they can speak draconic)

“He’s seen too much Maverick. He’s coming with us, or I can kill him now if you like.” Malak darkly states in reference to Normus. He knocks an arrow to his bow and points it at Normus’s face.

“No, no maybe he can do something.” Maverick says thinking quickly. she turns to Normus, “but no touching me or the little girl u got it, or ill kill u before you’ve had time to get halfway up,” Maverick says darkly.

The little girl tells Maverick that this is the most food she’s had in months, and that she’s still hungry. Maverick sighs and does not heal the girl for she will just eat her fingers again! “Come here lizard boy….er….John, lemme fix your nose. Hold still!” Maverick grabs John’s nose, and heals 1 damage.

“Tank you. Me guess you not so stupid after all.” John says to Maverick

Normus follows the group and also asks “What’s going on here?” And then whispers to himself, “You’re all a bunch of slobs, if you ask me.”

Maverick smiles and says “Why thank you John.” then she turns to Normus, “well arent u just dressed to impress,” she snickers. “So does this mean he’s part of our little project now, Malak?” Maverick asks, then glares over at Normus.

“Don’t tell im nothing yet we should ask boss man.” John says

“I do say, sirs, I am a man of great esteem. I am farm administrator and boss around rural proletarians like yourselves.” Normus says. “You should respect my position and do tell me what is going on here. People like you should not have such power.”

John searches the guard’s body and finds a heavy steel mace, A lift pass to use the Aristocratic elevator lift, 200 gold, Pornographic pictures, A confounding cube, An arm guard (Armor. Adds to AC {Less likely too be hit}), Boots of springing and striding, and a Royal Guard uniform.

Normus attempts to steal the lift pass, but fails to get the pass without John’s knowing.

“I did not try to steal your pass,” Normus tells John. “I was just stretching.”

Malak states "Yea, i guess he’s along for now… “in response to Maverick’s question.

As john attempts to crawl into the guard uniform, he realizes it is too small.

Just then a mob of guards spots the naked body of their dead comrade.
Upon seeing the guards Malak screams in a loud voice “HEY I FOUND FOOD!!!!!”

The guards stare at Malak with a puzzled expression, until they feel the ground start to shake.
Malak screams, “RUN!!!!!”

He turns and runs into the opposite direction of the guards
John realizes that the clothes don’t fit him and rips them off. John still has pants and armor “Stop touching Johns pocket. Me no likey. Come come we run.”
“I despise your kind,” He clearly utters as he follows John and Malak
The Guards quickly realize what is happening when they see peasants running towards them. they scramble in a disorganized fashion as the mob draws closer.

THROW THE CUBE!! FOR GOD SAKES THROW THE DAMN CUBE!!!!!!!!!!” One of the guards scream. One of the guards manage to work a confounding cube out of his pocket, and hurl it into the middle of the horde of rampaging peasants. The mob stops dead in it’s tracks and stairs at the small brown chest. Immediately, they all dog pile on the strange little box. “Alright, enough fun, lets just head back to the palace. Grab a damn Oracle and saddle up. No extra rations!” The guards all moan dejectedly as they club a random bystander, and drag him back to the palace.

“Now that we have solved the problems of the guards,” Malak states in a cold manner, “What have you to offer us Normus? Although my compatriots are inclined to let you live, I see no reason to carry around extra baggage unless you can contribute. Your options right now are to help us in some form, or take an arrow through the skull. We have need for a place to stay for the night, food, and some money to buy some necessities.”

“Maverick,” Malak says turning to her. “I would normally not put up with us keeping this ragamuffin with us, but as I have learned from experience a little girl can be more helpful then she appears. Besides being a canary for potential future ‘mining tunnels’ she can also help us pass for a family on a trip in case we need to sneak into the next city.”

“I have a rather luxurious house where we can sleep and make our base of operations for whatever goal you are seeking that you fellows refuse to reveal to me. It’s on a rather nice piece of property near the farm I administrate. It’s a ways out of town, but there’s a shed in the backyard where all of you can sleep.” Normus offers his hand to shake hands with Malak. “What do you say? I can give you some hay to sleep on too, so you don’t have to rest on the Earth.”
“ME NO WANT YOUR HAY!” John snaps at Normus. “Me only want to work. Not bite head off. But me will ….. Trust John.”

Maverick smiles at Malak, “thank you, I’ve grown quite attached to her in these past few minutes of battlement.” she bends down to the girl and asks her name.
Then she looks at Normus, “I suppose the home of a pedophile is better than a prison.” she grips tight to the girl’s unfingered hand, “But I don’t like you and have many urges to spit in your face, although I somehow think you’d like that.” Maverick scowls.
“Thank You Normus,” Malak states, “I’m sure we can make sleeping arrangements when we arrive.”

“What are our necessities, now that we do have a little bit of gold, from the guard we can do a small bit of shopping before we depart to Normus’s home. I have the need for metal arrow heads and medical supplies in case Maverick becomes exhausted. Maybe rope and a hook if we can afford it.”

John gives Maverick the boots of springing and striding
“Thanks John,” Maverick smiles putting on the boots, “they’re perfect”
“Hey John, can I get some of that gold so I can buy some equpiment?” Malak asks
“Let’s go to my house right now” Normus say as he begins walking towards it.
“NO….IS MYN! you can have this paper though.(elevator pass) me no read.” John says and he gives Malak the elevator pass.

“Very well John, I’ll remember that…” he responds to John’s rejection
As they begin walking towards the home of Normus, the little girl tells Maverick that her name is Mary. As they walk, they see several examples of the horrible squaller that is the projects of Saint Loula.
Food carts in the street sell dead rats and apple cores on a stick for 600 gold, people attempting to burn money because wood is too expensive (however, most money in this city is coin, and as we all know it is very hard to burn metal), people killing each other in the streets for the vomited remains of food eaten by other people, dozens of children who look like starved african babies that we see on those TV ads that tell us to give them money or we’ll go to hell (But in reality we know the money is going into the pocket of an african war lord so he can invest more money in the opium trade, so really what’s the point? I’m sick and tired of these douche bags hitting people up for money when even those bastards at the red cross are, wait. I just got off track here didn’t I?) litter the streets. Maverick and Malak spot a sign that says
“Meat for a copper piece”

Maverick turns to John G, “well lookie there, it says Meat for a copper piece” stating the obvious since john can’t read. ” hey john lend me a coin will ya? u can have the most meat of all of us and ill find a way to repay ya. if u will?” Maverick extends her palm and smiles hopefully.

Malak looks untrusting at the sign…“I think we ought to pass this option up… Normus you have food at your home don’t you?”

Maverick looks over at Malak, “im not sure i trust the food at his home anymore than this. hes probably roofied everything.” Maverick shrugs “but whatever.”
“I don’t think I have too much food at my house. Why don’t you guys get some of this, and I’ll see what I have at my house for dessert maybe? I’ll have my stuff too.” Normus says.
“Why not, Maverick can always purify it, I guess” Malak shrugs.

“he gives me the friggin heebie jeebies!” Maverick exclaims quietly to Malak, tho perfectly loud enuff for Nomus to hear. "look he says he doesnt have much. just send in two people to buy and we’ll get the Heladahear.”
“No need to waste a purification spell. This meat looks good for your kind,” Normus says
“I think our kind will be the judge of that.” Maverick scowls.

While everyone was argueing john already walks in and says to the sales clerk “this much meat!” and lays down a single gold piece. “Me want lots of meat and fat and bone!”

“Do you want the good kind or the bad kind?” The sales clerk asks in his blood soaked apron.
“good good!” John shouts excitedly
John exits the store with 6 pounds of meat tied up with twine string.
“At least he went inside” Malak laughs.

“Thank you for accomodating us Normus. I do hope your wife won’t mind us.” says Malak graciously. “You will be paid for your services, trust me” he says with a smile flashing the lift key.
John eats 2 pounds of the meat bone flesh and all. then gives 2 pounds to malak and 2 pounds to maverick. “Skinny women you eat because you so skinny. you so skinny you fall through crack in floor. eat food cause your skinny.”
After eating, the group finally reaches the home of Normus. His house is a rundown shack sitting next to a gigantic cotton field. A large textile mill belches smoke in the far distance. peasants are banging on the crappy wooden door because they know that Normus keeps a small amount of food in his house. through a broken window, everyone sees that the inside of Normus’s home is even worse. The house is almost lined with rats, cockroaches, and spiders. The one straw mattress in the house is infested with ticks, and it smells like vomit and piss. There is no floor, and the whole house stinks like cheese. The house is a freaking wreck. Period. There’s garbage everywhere, no toilet, dead animal parts scattered all are rotting and filled with maggots, vermin are everywhere, the door (has recently) been blown down, the windows are broken, half the roof is de-shingled, the foundation wood is rotting, the structure is bearly standing, dude, it’s just a wreak.

The time is 4:00 pm. It’s two hours and a half till sunset. The moon is faintly visible over head.

“This is my abode. Don’t be jealous of it. It’s somewhat humble.” Normus says.

Normus looks at the peasants and shouts, “Get out of here or they won’t be any pay for you! You’ll starve then for sure, and then you’ll be the fertilizer for the ground. How you like that, eh?”
The peasants grumble and slowly shuffle away.

Malak sees the state of the house. “I take back my question of your wife…. It is obvious that you have none…..”

He does a spot check for time of day, sunset, and to see if the moon and the sun are out simulataneously. Malak, noting the position of the sun and moon, steps outside, genuflects and prays.
Maverick look at Normus stupidly “and u make fun of the kind of people….creature….er..whatever..WE are?” she clucks her tongue in disapproval. “oh well. it’s not prison, I guess.” Maverick goes to explore the grounds for any things laying around she might be able to—ehhh—borrow.
Maverick finds an old wooden cross, half a candle, a sack (One without holes, hundreds with holes), pants with holes, a belt, a belt pouch (with a colossal hole), a tiny rusty lock, a fish hook, and a tin shingle. Despite seeing most of it as useless{{for this moment}}, Maverick throws it all into her sack and slings it over her shoulder and begins to whistle. Maverick looks about and finds a relatively not icky-spidery place to lie down inside the house. she says a quick prayer and goes to sleep.
John falls asleep on the bed of hay and ignores the many friendly ticks that call the bed there home.
Normus goes to sleep on the floor near some rat carcassses after eating a rotting rat carcass in the firepit that was never cooked.
After a drink from his canteen, Malak finds a place that is somewhat habitable, and goes to sleep.


Bounty Hunter’s Outfit
Face Of Thurazg
Silver Holy Symbol
Gloves of Storing (Pair)
Darkwood Longbow
Arrows (Regular) x16
Arrows (Darkwood) x14
Studded Leather Armor
Burlap Carrying Bag
box-o-matches (Matches x49)
Traveling Blanket
Torch x1
Aristocratic Lift Pass

Life-Saving Ring
Peasants Outfit
Ratty Pants
Boots of Springing and Striding (Pair)
Confounding Cube
Heavy Mace
Darkwood Staff
Wooden Holy Symbol
Candle x1/2
Ruck Sack
Belt Pouch
Tiny Lock
Fish Hook
Tin Shingle

Darkwood Great-club
199 GP
Arm Guard
Fish Bones

Ratty Suit
Scourge Whip
Jar of Grain
Fire Wood x10
Blankets x4
Garbage (LOTS of Garbage)
Wine Bottles x…um…. well a lot.
Barrel of Rain Water
Dead Hooker


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