Crocodile Tears

Evening 3

Elves and Creepers

As the sun sets, the boat touches down on a small island that is literally small enough to throw a softball across. Marsh plants dot the coast, and a large steel tower rises out of the center of the land plot. The sand of the beach crunched under the hull as the fans slowly come to halt. Several Military personnel approach the boat with explosive tip spears. The corporal has a quick word with them and they give a quick salute before leaving.

“Alright gentlemen, lizard, and ferret. Every thing’s set for tomorrow. It’s up to you to find your own sleeping arraignments, meager as they may be. The sentries will take the food and supplies off of the boat and on to our new one. Night!” He says, hauling his tent bag near the tower.

The time is 6:30. The sun has set.

John takes out his horn and blows into it deeply, he then drops to the ground and covers himself in mud and falls asleep.
Malak (using his second burning palms) heats up the food he had from the boar earlier and eats it (he cuts a bit off for Mary and ferret version of Maverick).
Normus sets out to acquire food and asks a soldier, “Do you know where I can find some leaves or grain?”
As Normus approaches the tower, he sees the Corporal dragging a large cooking pot found in the Sublioth over to a small fire he had built next to his tent. He runs back to the ship and drags the rest of boar from the ship and throws the carcass in the pot. He dumps water, dried vegetables, rice, spices and some wine, then sits back and hits the bottle of lizardfolk rice wine.

“Hey, you guys hungry?”

“Extraordinarily so,” Normus replies. “I demand you give me some. People of my ilk are not meant to starve so.”
“I jusht offereded you shom. Dumb ass.” The corporal says with a slur. He is very drunk.
“Oh, okay. I’ll take some them.” Normus says and would proceed to eat, when given food.
Normus also rests and to rest, he goes back to the ship to sleep.

Malak, noticing that Tom has no clothes, tells Thomas Hank “we do have a jester outfit if you’re interested,” I think the great coat has gone missing.
Thomas Hanks gladly accept the jester outfit, but he only puts on the hat portion of it.

Malak takes his blanket back and goes to his equipment. As Malak stuffs his equipment back into his bag, he feels two sets of hands grab him. One wraps around his mouth, the other by his waist. They drag him to the bushes and flip him around. In the dim light he sees two Elves he remembers from the Azurian Village.

Maverick is still clinging to Malak’s shirt.

“We’ve finally tracked you down. It’s taken a few months and some border hopping, but now we found you. Hand over the mask you half breed.”

Varok, and Lorius were two elven warriors of Azuria. However, they had a craving for power and after a civil unrest they were exiled by the village. They came across the Voodoo orc ruins in the mountains and discoverd the true nature of the mask. They ‘craved the mask for themselves’ (however hadn’t really planned so far to whom got it) Eventually they struck a deal with the Voodoo orc’s and it was Varok and Lorius who let the defenses of the Village down (which was why the orc’s got by all of the ancient defensive spells so easily. telling the orc mages the secrets) It was Varok and Lorius who lead the orc’s into the mask’s shrine when they saw Malak escaping with it.
Malak takes Anti- grapple check. He casts continual flame on the elf’s foot who was holding him.

The Elf’s boot lights on fire. He looks down and screams (Not loud enough for the rest of the party to hear) and lets go of Malak. The second Elf still has his hands around Malaks’ mouth.

Maverick crawls from Malak’s chest and bites down hard {{ferrets have fucking hard teeth and jaw pressure!!}} on the other elf’s hard and thrashes her head side to side a shark like manner
The Elf holding Malak’s mouth takes 1 damage and curses in elven. He releases Malak to chase his friend with the burning foot. (Magical fire, Ouch! That’s gonna be a pain in the ass to douse)
“What in the name of Christ was that about Malak!” Maverick demands
Malak pulls out his core saber.“Blood-traitors” Malak states darkly.
“Holy shit. Why do they want the mask Malak? please u know i wouldnt tell a soul. well except maybe the Big Man Upstairs, but He already knows anyways soo…!” Maverick asks
“No time, Later” Malak says. Malak goes to attack one of the elves.
The second elf has disappeared into the darkness. The second is visible to Malak’s low light vision because of his blazing foot that he continues to scream about. To Maverick’s surprise, she can see as well as Malak in the darkness.
Maverick is unsure of what she could possibly do as a ferret but runs with ferret speed after Malak anyways. She prays for the fire on the elves foot to grow larger in order to disable his movement. she would stop to make the sign of the cross but her ferret arms are teeny so it’d be very awkward.
As Malak and Maverick (Ferret) chase the Elf with the flaming boot through the swamp, Darth watches from the bushes, his flaming bastard sword in hand.

The flame-boot elf trips and Darth watches as Malak stands over him with a saber in hand. Malak is wearing a burning mask and has a small yellow ferret on his soldier.

Maverick’s ferret sense begin tingling. “Malak, my ferret senses are giving me this weird feeling we are being watched….” Maverick whispers, her whiskers twitching. Spot check for suspicious surroundings.

Maverick notices a man in the bushes. “MALAK!!!! MALAK!!!!” Maverick whispers loudly, “THERES A MAN BEHIND US!! TURN AROUND!”

Malak steps on the elf whose foot is burning to keep it from escaping, and turns to see the man Maverick had just mentioned.

“I hate wood creepers, they are so much freakier than mall creepers….” Maverick whispers, perching up on Malak’s shoulder.

While Malak is distracted, the Elf whips a knife out of his black colored shirt (Wait, isn’t black a shade?) and cuts the burning boot off of his foot. He stabs Malak in the foot, and then throws him off of himself. Malak takes 1 damage, and his speed is reduced.

Maverick launches at the elfs juglar vein with her tiny ferret war cry. “IIEEEEEEEEEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” {{<——ferret>s clothing and begins wildly reciting heal prayers and curse lifting prayers in both Tongues and Ferretenese using her nose to make the sign of the cross across his body.
Maverick still can feel the man watching her from behind and it makes her uneasy.

As Maverick runs over to Malak the bleeding Elf limps away into the shadows. The two hear sloshing in the dark swamp, then silence.
Maverick looks over her shoulder at the man behind her still mumbling prayers.

Malak trudges back to his camp staying up all night to guard against the man if he approaches them.


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