Ouberk, Helm of the Nine Hells

Intelligent Helmet


Ouberk, Helm of the Nine Hells
+4 Helm of Charisma; always LE
14 Int. 16 Wis. 17 Cha. : Speech. Vision and hearing 120 ft. Ego score 33.
Lesser Powers; Suggestion 3/day.
Greater Powers; Dominate Person 1/day. Mass Suggestion 2/day. Summon Devil 1/week.
Special abilities; Free Move Levitation, Ranks in Hide 4, Adds +3 to AC, Adds +4 to all charisma based checks.


Purpose and Personality; Ouberk is a malevolent force form beyond the grave. It was once the corrupt advisor to a local king who had his body transmuted into a helmet when the peasants revolted. He now sits, lying in wait for a poor ignorant sucker to con into helping it obtain power. Ouberk’s only purpose in life is to gain power and abuse it to the fullest extent.

Ouberk is a smooth talking schemer, who loves to employ the batman gambit through manipulation with his persuasion powers. Normus was a perfect fit for him, a down trodden lawful weirdo who thought Ouberk had his best interests at heart.

Ouberk, Helm of the Nine Hells

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