Crocodile Tears

Evening 1

The Swamp

Upon arrival to the swamp, and learning of their tent predicament, Malak looks at John, looks at Maverick…….. and grimacing he speaks up “I’ll bunk with her”

John steps out of the coach and absorbs his environment with great glee. “Me no need to bunk with smelly people. Me just find nice bed of moss or swim in water for while.”

John takes off his hat and sickle and leaves them both in the boat. He does a spot check for a dark wood log that might be able to be crafted into a great club and a bed of moss.

John sees enough Darkwood logs to make great clubs for the entire Ranpurrian army. They come in a range of shapes sizes and thickness.

As John hunts for a bed of moss, he notices the rest of the group step into the boat and begin moving through the swamp.

John picks a log he finds is suitable grabs it and jumps into the water to swim after the boat in serpantine way he was born to do.(swim check). John waits till his fellow party members settle down to do his craft check.

As the boat is pushed along by the wayfarer pole of the young boy, John glides effortlessly through the bog right along side it. The log makes the normally fluid movements of John’s swimming awkward, however.

The corporal notices this, and hauls the log up into the boat to make john’s life easier.

“you no hurt loggy! or me bite ear off like famous lizard folk mike tyson!” hissed John… very racistly.

The corporeal grins.
“Don’t worry about the log, It will be safe up here.”

As time passes, Maverick sees more and more of the shadow from before.

“I sense something very wrong here. I think you are all in danger.” The cherub says nervously.

Malak notices a large scaly back rise up from the murk, very briefly, then sink back down in a similar fashion to how john swims.

Malak turns “There’s something not right…..” He states, He takes out his bow and knocks an arrow ready to fire if need be. “Everyone be ready”

Spot check and listen check for anything threatening in the water

As soon the scaly back comes up, it quickly vanishes. Malak can’t hear anything over the sound of John swimming.

Malak states quietly. “We’re being followed….”

Maverick turns toward the water and views the shadow rising and falling in the waves. “I don’t like the looks of whatever that is. please, silence i must go into a time of prayer so i may wish for protection and powers from the Lord so i may defend myself in combat.” she looks Malak up and down “and u too if need be.” she smiles smuggly. she feels the beat of the cherub’s wings on her shoulder. she shoes him away. “i have a handle on this.” she whispers.

“Maverick, that is your name is it? Not that of the body you posses, you appear to be a magic user. are you not? Do you happen to be proficient in any forms of weaponry? To defend yourself in the case of spell failure.” Malak asks.

Maverick turns to Malak “i gain my powers from God, though u however do not believe in such ‘nonsense’ then sure im ‘magical’. I’ve had basic training from the Archangel in hand to hand combat but i am highly skilled with a sword, or a staff, either shall do. but it seems a sword or staff is unavailable to me at this time. and u? wat do u do besides shoot ur silly little arrows?”

“My silly little arrows kept me more alive than your ‘God’ " Malak laughs. “Here take this”
Malak, uses his Healer’s kit on Maverick. (Maverick is at full health)

“Prehaps some magic’ll keep the beast away” Malak mutters. arrow still knocked.

“Your arrogance is noted and appreciated” Maverick smirks. “But thank you. now if u dont mind i would like to pray.” she tilts one eye toward the water then looks down and closes her eyes, folding her hands in prayer and bending on her knees. her faces softens for the first time since shes awoken. she mummurs her prays for protection and powers of defense.

John is silent for he knows what dangers the swamp holds. He calmly swims in the water knowing he can probably take whatever is to come. He thinks to himself how the rivalry between his two comrades is stuipid because of course the Dragon god is the only god.

“Ya all is’ paranoy-ed. Awe bean true dees swumps a milliondy tawim’s, an Awe ain’t neva seen’d no munstas. Sept’ course fo’em gin’t Rats, bu all ya gowtta do is it’ um on da snout with ya beer ’bole.” The boy driving the boat laughs, taking a swig from a very large bottle of whiskey.

“The boy is right, it’s probably just a R.O.U.S. (Rodent of Unusual Size), and they are incredibly timid in this neck of the woods.” The corporal says trying to calm everyone.

“Swump, sir.” the boy corrects.

“Whatever. Can we just calm down? We only have a little time before we reach the check point, and by that point we will be on dry land. Take the lizard for example. He’s swimming in the water, and he’s fine.”

The boat slowly drifts to the check point with out incident. The check point is a tiny ruined church, stationed on a small plot of land that is about 20 feet long, and 11 feet wide. The corporal and the driver boy help everyone set up camp, and put up the tents. While the humans are busy, john fashions his club. (+1 great club. +1 to hit and damage.) After he’s done, he manages to make five dark wood arrows. He gives them to Malak.

After this, he slips back into the water, and curls up on a nearby bed of moss, taking his club with him.

Just as everyone has settled down, the water near the boat begins to gurgle. Malak notices it first, then Maverick, then the corporal. The driver boy is busy drinking several bottles of alcohol. Slowly, a single serpentine head rises from the slime of the bog. It is covered in dark brown and green scales, with two big glowing yellow eyes it sees the lamps hanging all around the camp, and hisses aggressively. it quickly surges towards solid ground, putting itself between the party and the boat. As it climbs to the land, more and more heads begin to rise out of the muck, finally revealing that they are all connected to one enormous, sinewy, rippling mass of flesh and scales. the whole monster stands a total of 8 feet tall (Not including the necks) and 6 feet long. A total of five snake like heads and necks spout from the front of the central body, writhing, clicking and hissing, probably fighting over what prey will be eaten by what head. The monster finally roars a blood thirst scream that even alerts John to its presence.

HYDRA!” hisses john. John immediatly enters combat with the creature and uses his great club aming for the disgusting heads of the creature.

John surges through the swamp as fast as he can, but is two slow to stop the encroaching hydra from snapping at the corporal. One of the hydra’s deadly heads whips out and sinks its teeth into Zmire’s shoulder, dealing 3 damage. The corporal screams in agony as he is whipped, then flung across the small island. He limps to his tent to get his weapons. The driver boy runs, and hides in his tent, carrying all the booze with him.

“Guess that ain’t his dragongod” Malak remarks sarcastically, “Aim for the heads” He then tells Maverick in a new tone of urgent seriousness.

Malak unleashes two arrows, with his bow, at two different heads of the Hydra.

Both miss.

The hydra slowly creeps towards Maverick and Malak (It is much slower on land then in water). It snaps it’s heads at Malak, then slams Maverick aside with it’s long powerful neck, dealing 2 damage. Just as it has Malak cornered, John erupts from the swamp, roaring with fury. He grabs onto one of the hydra’s necks with his legs, and smashes his club into it’s skull, dealing 3 damage. Blood explodes from the flattened head of the hydra, as the neck spasms, then falls to the ground. The rest of the monster screams in pain, then bashes John off the crushed head. John takes 2 damage.

Just then, the corporal storms out of his tent wielding his crossbow. With a savage scream, he plows his entire ammo cartridge into the main body of the hydra. He tosses the crossbow back into the tent and hefts his paddle.

As the Hydra is distracted by John G’s attack. Malak does a roll underneath the Hydra to escape being cornered. while rolling he attempts to slash at the beast’s underbelly.

Malak dives under the Hydra with elven reflexes, and smashes his hunting knife into the belly of the monster. The weight of his dive drags his knife forward, dealing 1 damage. The hydra screams, then drops it’s body down on top of Malak. He takes 3 damage. As it does this, the crossbow bolts stuck in it’s hide pop out. Some of the wounds stop bleeding. After it does this, it sweeps it’s tail in an attempt to trip Zmire . The corporeal jumps over the tail. As this happens several of the holes in the hydras skin close completely. The hydra charges at the corporal, leaving Malak covered in mud, but free to stand and breath.

“Where’s your magic Maverick?” Malak yells gruffly at her.

Wiping the mud off of his mask with his sleeve, Malak draws another arrow, takes a deep breath to steady his aim. Aiming at the throat of one of the beast’s necks he unleashes the arrow.

John attacks again but misses

Malak hits, 2 damage.

Malak manages to get a lock on a still head and plunge an arrow into it’s neck. The arrow shoots clean through the neck, partially severing the head in the process. Suddenly, the head drops off, and two smaller heads slowly begin to emerge from the neck stump. At the same time, the remaining three heads begin tearing the gimpy dead head off of the main body. Another two heads begin to emerge.

THIS IS BULLSHIT!” The Corporal yells as he smashes one of the heads with his paddle, crushing it. The other two heads retaliate by striking him on both sides. Corporal Zmire is unconscious.

“Smelly man! Burn, NO CUT! Smelly woman! HEAL!” John yells in a somewhat articulate way. He then tries again for an attack not going down without a fight.

For once taking advice from the small disgusting lizard man, Maverick runs out of the monsters eyesight and drops to her knees behind a large tree and begins to pray Healing Prayers for her comrades. Once her prayer is complete she makes the sign of the cross and hopes her previous prayer on the boat for her defense powers to work do in fact work. “In the name of Jesus Christ, FALL!!” she screams, attempting to shoot flaming meteors the size of large beach balls at the monster.

Malak suddenly gets an idea from John G’s exclamation. He quickly takes out a match, lights the tip of his next arrow on fire and nocks it to his bow. He steadies his aim and fires at the body of the Hydra.

Malak hits. He deals 4 damage (Two fire).
The fire arrow penetrates deep into the monster, but is seems relatively unaffected. The arrow strangely continues to smolder in it’s flesh. Just as the heads are reaching full regeneration, the monster suddenly explodes into an enormous conflagration of towering orange flames. The hydra screams in agony as it is roasted alive. John tries to attack the Hydra, but the fire is just too hot.

As Maverick prays for healing, the corporal’s wounds slowly begin to close. He has been stabilized. But the meteorites she commanded fail to fall, but the seal on the back of her hand grows fainter. “Why isnt this working?! whats wrong with me??” Maverick howls.

Everyone suddenly notices the boat boy standing with his arms full of booze screaming “OW D’Y LAKE ME NAW!?”

Slowly, the fires die down. Half it’s hit points vanish, and only one head makes it out of the blaze alive.

Malak runs towards the boat boy, and attempts tackles him to the ground. He attempts to grab a bottle of booze out of the boys arms. (if sucessful) Malak uses his knife to cut a slice of fabric off of the tent, opens the bottle and shoves the fabric halfway in the bottle. lights the fabric with another match and throws the moltov at the Hydra.

he calls “Heads up John!”

John chases after the head in a last attempt to finish the beast.

“Noooo, MY ALCYHOOOOOL!!!” The boat boy screams.

John raises his great club one last time, and bashes the hydra in the jaw, snapping the jaw off the Hydra. It squeals and bleeds until finally a burning bottle of death splatters down on it, finally ending it’s blood thirst life. The boat boy drags the corporal back to the tent, and cleans the rest of his wounds. When he finally comes out he lets out a sigh of relief.

“Don’tcha wowery bout’ Cor’pal Zim, eh should be awright. Jest awal o ya get some sleep.”

As the hour slowly turns to ten at night, everyone manages to settle down and rest. John slinks back to his moss (club in hand.) and maverick retires to her tent. The boat boy stares angrily at Malak.

“Ya gets da one ya wreked, alcyhool killa.” The boy scowls, then marches back to the undamaged tent.

As soon as the boat boy enters his tent Malak chuckles to himself, he doesn’t like the taste of alcohol anyway.

Malak goes into the remaining tent. He uses his blanket to keep him warm to sleep ( as he did make a small hole in the tent.)

Inside of maverick’s tent, the cherub starts murmuring in celestial. When he finishes, he exclaims urgently,

MAVERICK! I just found out why you can’t use magic! It turns out that because you’re first few acts on earth were evil, god has sealed you’re natural magic away until you’re spiritual alignment shifts back to good. In order to do this, you will need to preform 15 good deeds. Remember when you healed the corporal, and the seal on you’re hand got lighter? Well, that will happen every time you do a good work until it vanishes. Try not to get mad when I say this, but maybe you should ask Malak for help…. he might loan you a weapon or something.”


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