Crocodile Tears

Day 1

The Mission

John G, Maverick, and Malak Firestone awaken in a small dark room. It smells faintly of burnt hair. Each one attempts to stand, but is unable to because they are shackled to the floor. The stone under you is cold and hard. A single window from high up in the rooms incredibly tall ceiling casts a single ray of light. The outline of a reinforced door is faintly visible at the far end of the room. While Maverick and John struggle to make out details in the dank dimness, Malak manages to see the entire room in perfect clarity. Rat sized reptilian creatures with red fins on their backs scurry about the room clicking to each other in Draconic. Only John understands them as they say,

“Lets eat the fingers off the mammals, I think their still to groggy to fight back.”
“You go ahead, something seems odd about the female. I think she might have the Magic Rot.”

Suddenly, A cherub that only Maverick can see, slowly floats down from the ceiling.

“Hello Maverick” The cherub says coyly. “Sorry about the condition of the living quarters, but this was the best host body we could find for you. You may not remember from crossing the void to come back to the material world, but god has a mission for you, and it involves the mask that that boy in the corner is wearing.” The cherub explains, pointing to Malak. " It may look unassuming, but you must retrieve and destroy it. If it falls into the wrong hands, it could be used to destroy the universe." I don’t really have time to explain, but if you are unable to get it away from him, you must protect it at all costs. Remember, If you die in this body, you’re soul will be shredded as well. Good luck!" Before she can say anything, the cherub vanishes.

John is clothed in brown cotton pants and nothing else. A black leather hat he was wearing has fallen off his head and is now lying next to him. He has some fish bones in his back pocket.

Maverick is clothed in a ratty yellow-green dress, blouse, and torn black fishnet stockings. She smells herself and is revolted. It is easy to assume that she is inhabiting the body of a peasant. She manages to find some water on the floor and see that the peasant she has become is very much like her in terms of looks. The only obvious difference is that her hair is now solid dirty blonde, her nails look like that of a normal human’s, and her skin is now pink. Her eyes however, remain the same. She has some string and a half eaten loaf of bread tucked down her shirt.

Malak has been stripped down to the base cloths he always wears. His leather armor, bow, quiver and adventuring gear have been taken from him. Their captor, however did forget to check his boot for the Kukri you have strapped to your thigh.

“ra ra fingers…. ra ra eat. fingers for bones?” John mutters, half awake.

Malak rises, notices that Kaylee is not with him and becomes alarmed, and calls for Kaylee in Elvish. He immediately attempts to pick the locks that he has on him. Malak Struggles to pick the locks, but is ultimately fails. After giving up he manages to retrieve his dagger. Just then, the two lizards come up to Malak and begin trying to bite off his fingers. John attempts to join them, but his chains are too short. A human male in a guard outfit walks by and yells into the room.

“Hey, shut up in there! The captain will be in to see you in a minuet.”

“Me nible on general’s fingers.” John retorts.

Maverick forgets she is shackled to the floor, tries again to rapidly stand, and falls on her ass. Quietly she mutters a prayer to God in hopes He will release her from bondage.

As Maverick utters her prayer, a short man with a ridiculously large hat enters the room. The short man is dressed in an artillery officer’s uniform and has one hand inside his green frock coat. A Saber hangs from his belt, and it drags on the floor next to his shiny knee high black boots because of his 5’ 3’’ stature. He stares at Malak with a wide grin on his face. Two more soldiers enter the room and remove the shackles from everyone in the room except Malak.

“So your the bounty hunter from beyond the blue sea. I heard you made a few enemies in Azure, that’s why you and your sister came to our fair land of Ranpurre.” The Officer says slyly. “I’m going to make you a deal. If you’re smart and you cooperate, we will make this job very much worth your while. If not….” He muses with a widening grin. “Lets just say that our prison systems are not celebrated for our safety. Your precious little sister might fall to some harm, or maybe even affronted by a sex crazed male prisoner due to a paper work error.”

As the short officer finishes speaking, one of his subordinates steps forward.

“This is an undercover assignment.” The subordinate says. “You will be taking these two double agents to the head quarters of a growing rebellion that might pose a threat to our local monarchy. You will infiltrate their head quarters and eliminate their leader. this will leave the king with the idea that Captain Surolian is on his side. This will leaving unsuspecting for the coupe de tat we are staging.”

“If you tell anyone about our plans, we will kill you’re sister out right. The choice is yours my friend.”

Malak, after an attempt to punch the lizards eating at his fingers, replies begrudgingly;

“How can I be garunteed that my sister shall remain safe. I shall not serve you without knowlege of her whereabouts. If you garuntee her safety, and return me my things the deed shall be done.” Malak does a spot check on the guards, and the reactions of Mavarick and John G. The lizards shriek in Draconic, and scamper out of the room while the door is open.

The captain grins. "You’re a man after my own heart, bounty hunter. I really must apologize for the rudeness of your arrival here, but I wanted to get to you before you gained any publicity. Not even the king himself knows that this sting operation exists. As soon as this mess is all said and done I would like to offer you a commission, that is if you can pull off the hit.

As for the subject of your sister, she is fine. We aren’t holding her in the Gastel, and we are making ever effort to ensure that she’s as comfortable as possible. If you would like to see her I can arrange a quick meeting to prove my sincerity. Now, it says in your file that you two normally work as a team. Unfortunately, I can not allow her out of the cell for I would not only lose my bargaining chip, but I would also lose your main motivator. I hope these two can help you. The lizard isn’t to bright, but Joan will definitely come in handy." He says pointing to Maverick.

“Remember Joan, you’ll be sent to the executioner if you don’t cooperate. Stealing a bagget from a noble is a serious crime in this city.”

The subordinate officers of the captain are also wearing artillery uniforms, but of lower rank. Both have bags under their eyes, most likely due to lack of sleep. They carry short spears tipped with explosive heads and scourge whips that hang from their belts.

Maverick creates no facial reaction, instead staring soulessly at the lower ranking officers, which appears to make one particularly uneasy. she gages the situation, untrusting of the deal set before Malak but more untrusting of Malak himself. Maverick trusts no man, especial one with no eyes to read their reactions. However, with the situation, options are minimal and Maverick agrees. However, she awaits the guards to leave to set her true more complicated plans into action.

One of the subordinate officers nervously asks the captain,

“What’s wrong with her eyes?”

The captain squints.

“I think she might have the Magic Rot…….”

Malak nodds and says “Allow me to see my sister and I shall work for you. Their leader is as good as dead. What information can you give me on my target? And are you returning me my items?”

Malak notes Maverick’s nod, and looks at John. “I can catch you food if you work with me, and pie if your good.” He offers the Lizardman.

The captain laughs.
“Your cooperation relieves me greatly. I was afraid that you’d hold this whole mess against me.” He says with a snap of his fingers. The two subordinate officers approach Malak, and release his shackles.

“We’ll take you for a quick meeting to see your sister. Once that’s done, we’ll brief you, and return your gear.”

The captain turns to Maverick.

“Maybe we should take Joan to the Quack Doctor. Ever since Duke Sumaeritk decided to cut our budget, we can’t afford to pay a real doctor, but at least the Quack says he knows how to cure magic rot. He says it involves cutting off your Uvula.”

“noooo my lizard friends come back… me want fingers… me want…” John falls asleep and dreams about his herd of nerfs and how they graze the feilds so freely. He wishes so hard he even starts to think that he was there in his own fantesy. He mumbles in his sleep.

One of the soldiers kicks John awake.

“Get up, retard.”

The captain waves, and the guards escort John, Maverick, and Malak out of the room.

Maverick becomes angered at the guards who step towards her. She has no idea what Magic Rot may be but is sure she doesnt have it. “Please, don’t touch me.” she mummers politely to the guard who grabs her arm. The guard laughs at her audacity and grips her tighter. “Let me walk on my own.” Maverick hisses. As the guard obtains a more suitable grip, Maverick turns shoving her hand—as if a ghost through a wall—through the guards chest and tears out his heart, crushing it in her palm delicates. She smiles at the horror around her. “What? I asked nicely.” Other guards begin to release their grip to come for her. The captain reaches for his saber, but cautiously relaxes his grip on the weapon. His gaze on Maverick is icy.

“I think I’m beginning to understand that you’re not Joan, are you?” The captain says looking up and down at Maverick, examining her. “This is a hassle. I’m going to have to get more guards. We will make a detour to the equipping station. While we are there, I may as well return you’re gear Mr. Firestone.”

John stares at the fingers of the dead gaurd and can not hold back his primal instincts to nibble on the corpses fingers. John would describe the taste as salty with a touch of chili powder “yes… yes…. healthy nerfs would appreiciate this wonderful specimen. But not the unhealthy ones because they run in circles to much.”

As the captain continues talking. Maverick feels a slight tap an her shoulder. She turns around, and nearly smacks her head into the cherub from earlier.

“Maverick, you have to be careful! The more you just used broke off a piece of the soul of the girl’s body you are using! If you don’t pray for you’re divine powers, the energy will com from hers or your soul. If you need to use a power like that quickly, you can do it three times a day with out killing both of you. The first one will be from her soul, then half of hers and half of yours, then the last power will be from you directly. I have orders to stick by you if you need help.”

“I find this extremely annoying u know? and your flitting about my head is going to make this no better.” Malak and John G look puzzled at Mavericks mumbling to the air. “however i appreciate your concern and will not pray damnation on you.” Maverick finishes.

“You’re kinda a bitch for someone who’s supposed to be a pretty high up Heavenly official,” the cherub murmers.

“I’m sorry I don’t find being taken prisoner to be my idea of a lovely fucking day!” Maverick retorts. everyone stares, they continue walking. “i am not a schizo….” Maverick mutters to herself.

“Hey, I’m here now and so are you. Make the best of it.” The cherub says irately .

The captain turns a corner and opens a large steel door just down the hall. Everyone is herded in as he orders several men to come with him.

The room is similar to a parking garage with a large counter near the door where everyone entered from. Rows and rows of weapons and armor are lined up against the wall behind glass screens. The captain mutters something to a half-orc standing behind the counter. The half-orc ducks down and sets Malak’s equipment down.

“While we are here, is there any other equipment you might need for the mission?”

“Me want sickle and a trusty nerf.” John says while gurguling what ever was in his mouth at the time.

The half-orc stares blankly at John, and runs behind the glass to get the sickle.

“Remember our deal John, the nerfs come after you help us with this mission.”

grumble “fine…. what we do?”

“Before we get into the mission, we still have a few things to do. Does anyone need anything?” The captain asks.


Malak, observes the combat ability the curious female peasant whom he was imprisoned with. He notes the inhuman movement in comparison to previous human fighters he observed. “As soon as I see Kaylee, I garuntee my word Captain, that you will have no trouble from me at least” Malak remarks casting a glance at Maverick.

“That’s good to hear. We’ll see her as soon as everyone has their equipment. Is there anything I can get either of you?” The captain asks Malak and Maverick.

Although there are no windows in the corridor, The equipment station has a small picture window that allows a great deal of sunlight in. Malack positions himself to get a look at the sun. From this angle, he uses his elven knowledge to determine that it is at least 6 pm. The sun is almost completely set. In half an hour, it will be night.

The captain notices what Malak is doing.

“If you wanted to know the time, you could have just asked me. I see it’s getting late. We’re going to have to move this along.” The captain says. He snaps his fingers again, and one of the lower ranking officers hands him a hide envelope. He begins walking, and the soldiers herd all involved out of the equipment station.

List of equipment given to Malack

One Darkwood bow (+1) {Returned}
Quiver with 20 arrows {Returned}
One suit studded leather armor {Returned}
One Burlap carrying bag (Returned}
One box of matches (50) {Returned}
One canteen {Returned}
One Compass {Returned}
One Traveling Blanket {Returned}
One Torch {Returned}

One healer’s kit, {Small}
One pair of gloves of storing

“Now, The man we are after goes by the name of Ringgar. He is a mysterious individual, shrouded in rumors and inconsequential bullshit. Some say he’s an avatar, sent by the old gods to pry up the boards of the new king’s regime. Others say, he’s a madman trying to plunge the country into anarchy. What ever he is, we need him dead. Now, if you’ll look here,” The captain says pointing on a map from the envelope. "You can see we are in the boarder city of Torson. We need you to Zula, the town right next to the capital. You can take these. The captain says handing a map to everyone.

“Your orders, Eliminate Ringgar. One of my cadets will be accompanying you to keep in touch with me via magical communiqué. Now, I know you’ll want to see your sister Malak, so we’ll turn here for a quick visit, to prove my honest means.”

The captain turns down another corridor, and climbs a flight of stairs.

“I managed to pull some strings, we are keeping her in the cells reserved for captured royalty of other nations. She should be quite comfortable.”

The captain stops in front of a large oak door with metal bars. He steps aside, and allows Malak to look in. Kaylee sits on a large bed with purple silk sheets. She is fiddling with a carving knife.

John G starts to nibble on his sickle and then shouts “Waffles!” and then continues to nibble on his weapon of his choice.

He turns to the Captain. “Very well, I accept your bounty. I shall depart for Zula immeadiately.”

Turning to “Joan” and John G. he states “I prefer to work on a confidential basis, as I am sure my client here would prefer as well. So I offer you an ultimatum. You can work with me as my client has so politely asked, as I reiterate my client’s politeness. I assure you that this choice is the wiser of the two as I believe we can most certainly benefit each other, consequently there are opportunities to take advantage of. Or you may refuse of course. However if you refuse, I can not allow others to know of my mission, I shall consider you an obstacle to my goals and approach this situation as I feel adequate. However, I sense that I will be the last of your issues.” Malak refers to the Captain. “The choice is yours, I do hope we can work together.”

He calls out to Kaylee in elvish.

Kaylee, It is me, Malak.

Big Brother! What’s going on!?” Kaylee jumps up and shouts. She runs to the door.

Stay on guard and stay alive, I shall return for you as soon as possible. I have a hit, until I complete this hit you must remain here. If you are to pick up news that I have been lost, it is essential that you retrieve my mask and avenge me. You know what to do. I love you. Stay safe.

Okay. I understand. I’m not worried, The blood of you’re targets will nourish the soil. Take you’re own advice and stay well. I love you too.

Maverick looks coldly at Malak in firm distaste.

“I don’t trust any of you as far as i can throw you. However I do agree, options are indeed limited. I require a sort of….deal, if u will. Allow me to mark the seal of Chi-Ro upon ur palm and confirm that if u are to betray me ur soul shall be shredded into nonexistence. Its the only way I shall help you, and between myself and lizard boy, you will most certainly require my help. In return I promise you all the protection God wills and other various abilities of mine to be put to ur use. Will u except?” Maverick solemnly asks, her eyes shifting red to calm blue. She stares directly into into the hidden eyes of the mask, hoping for a momentary glimspe of Malak’s eyes, and recieves none.

“your god is nothing compared to the dragon god, and there is no palm thing is there captain man?” John says in between bites.

“God…There is no ‘God’ There is but the sun and the moon! I have no belief in your God and lies. The only protection I’ll get from your ‘God’ is the protection of my own capability. However your abilities force me to see that you have some power, of the sorts, its clearly from the moon. Call it God, call it Dragon whatever, Moon and Sun same difference. I know not of this Chi-Ro, but i have no soul to lose. soul…. hah! we become dirt for others to feed off of in the cycle of life. but if all it take’s is a swiggly on my hand for your assistance, I’ll accept.”

“me don’t like eating dirt. dragon god don’t make me eat dirt does he captain man?”

“I don’t think im going to like any of you.” Maverick mumbles in her low voice. Maverick however prays to God in asking for the deal she made to be comfirmed for her own comforts.

The back of Maverick’s hand starts glowing.

“That’s weird…..” The cherub says staring At Mavericks hand. “That looks like an energy seal.”

“Alright, enough. John, you already agreed to this, so I know you’ve got no more say in the matter.” The captain mutters in frustration.

“To the entity residing in the body of Joan, I know you have no interest in the affairs this girl had previously been pursuing, but you must understand that you are a tenant, not the owner of her body. She had a previous engagement, and it would make everyone’s life much simpler if you would cooperate with me. The choice is still yours, but I’m telling you, It would be better if you helped me.” The captain says with a malicious glint in his eye. He promptly turns and addresses John and Malak.

“Gentlemen, this is Corporal Zmire, he will be my eyes and ears for you on this mission. We’ll supply you with a coach to take you to the edge of the swampland. From there on, John will lead you through the swamp. Good luck, and God speed. Dragon god speed to you Mr G.” The captain says with a smile.

“i haven’t a clue who Joan is or what her plans may be, but my plans have now consequently become yours, until further notice.” she crosses her heart and smiles maliciously. “let’s move along shall we? this scenery bores me.” Maverick suggests in a playful voice.

DRAGON GOD, DRAGON GOD, DRAGON GOD!!!!!!!!” chants jonh in response. " me very excited for swamp. me kin there." john smiles showing a long row of sharp scummy teeth.

The corporal nods to Maverick and extends his hand to Malak. Malak shakes his hand.

“A pleasure. I’ve read you’re profile, I heard you once split a staff in half with a bow and arrow from 200 feet away.”

The three are led out of the building, to see that it is a large fortress that is located at the foot of an enormous manufacturing facility. A painted green and blue coach stands in front of the three, pulled by three brown chargers. Ten guards are stationed at the front gate of the fort. It is night. The corporal squints in the darkness, when a young boy in cotton nickers runs up with a match. He strikes it against the spiked wheels of the coach, and lights several lamps hanging on the sides. He flicks the match to the ground, and clamors up into the driver’s seat.

“Aw rawight! Les’ Getta Move On!” The boy says in an obnoxiously loud voice. The Corporeal Zmire starts to open the door, when the driver begins screaming,

“Cor’pal Zim, GOBLINS!”

“And?” The Corporeal asks with a tinge of annoyance.

“Awy, don’t wannum, stealin’ me tiers again!”

Zmire swears under his breath. He reaches inside the coach and brings out a heavy repeating crossbow and a steel-bound wooden paddle.

“I don’t have time for this…” he growls.

GOBLINS!!!!” John runs in and attacks the goblins with his sickle with red fury in his eyes. “GOBLINS GOOD TO EAT. GET IN JOHNS BELLY!”

John sticks one of the goblins in the back of the neck with his sickle. Malak draws his bow and fires an arrow at the most threatening goblin to him, sticking the creature in the chest.

John grabs the goblin by the hair and slices the neck of the goblin with his sickle. John screeches “GLUGALAGU” before his second attack at the neck again only this time to bite in order to suck out the juices. Just as john opens his mouth to bite the goblin’s throat, it screams something in goblinoid, and shoves a pointy stick into Johns mouth. John first screaming in pain continues to chomp down and bites down on the pointy thing. Frustrated by this john grabs his sickle and repeatedly sticks it in the head of the goblin. John continues to bite on the stick, but that only lodges it deeper into his mouth, he takes 1 damage. John ignores all of this for he knows that only one thing matters, and that is to return to his nerfs. John runs and attacks the next goblin with his sickle aiming for the throat.(his favorite place to kill a goblin if you have not noticed) “ME WANT GOBLIN BLOOD, MORE, MORE GOBLIN BLOOD!”

Two goblins manage to get close enough to Maverick to stab at her with a a spear and swing at her with an axe. One stabs the spear into maverick’s leg, and the other misses while wildly swinging the axe. Maverick takes 1 point of damage.

The corporal swings his cross bow into place, and mows down three goblins. He tosses the empty cartridge, and drops the crossbow. He swings the heavy steel paddle into an on guard position.

Three healthy goblins run towards Malak.

Malak draws another arrow out of his quiver, takes a deep breath to steady his aim and fires it at the head of first goblin he shot. It blows through the goblin’s skull and out the back in an explosion of gore.

John joins Malak as the three remaining goblins have swarmed him.

Zmire has run to the aid of Maverick.

With elven speed, Malak swings the bow around into a secure position on his back. He draws his Kukri Hunting knife and slashes at the throat of the nearest Goblin. Malak swings his knife, scratching the goblin up from the side of it’s throat, loping off it’s left ear. The goblin screams, and in maddened retaliation, smashes Malak in the stomach with it’s club. A sharp pain seizes Malak’s chest at the air is forced out of his lungs. The second goblin swings at Malak with a broken saber, but can’t manage to cut through Malak’s leather armor. Malak gasps to catch his breath, and holds his knife in a defensive position before his attempts his next attack, which is to crouch and swing his leg around in order to trip his enemies. The bloody goblin trips, but the undamaged one manages to jump over Malak’s leg and gash him in the arm. Malak takes 1 damage.

John Hits. He smashed the goblin to the ground, and decapitates the little monster with one clean swipe.

Maverick, limbing badly, attempts to stand. She prays to God for power of an power of the Bethelhem star—a large ball of energy that cuts straight through watever it touchs and aims for the goblin near Malak.

Just as the words come from maverick’s lips, crackling white energy springs froth from her hand. One of the goblins suddenly drops his spear (Still lodged in Maverick’s leg) And jumps on her arm. He attempts to bite into her hand and is promptly electrocuted. The second goblin Smashes his axe into maverick’s chest in vengeance of his dead friend. She takes 3 damage.

The corporal winds up, and smashes the goblin in the head with all his might, sending the goblin’s brains splattering like a cantaloupe. Maverick is now covered in blood and goblin brains. John decides to settle down and have a nice goblin dinner. he gathers the dead goblins he has killed and starts to munch. john decides that the goblins that he is eating is not very tasty so he decides to help his comrade malic. “GOBLIN NOT TASTY MUST KILL MORE!”

Malak, leaps towards the bloodied goblin he just tripped attempting to delve his knife into its throat. leaving the one he just damaged for John to disembowel. The Bloodied Goblin watches in horror as John and Malak each grab him by the arm, and yank as hard as they can the goblin’s sockets dislocate, and finally, the arms are yanked out all-together. The goblin screams in agony, and slowly and painfully bleeds to death. The undamaged goblin is so terrified by what he sees, he drops his weapon, and runs screaming.

John satisfyed by this starts to lick Maverick’s face in order to taste the salty brains covering her face.

The brains taste incredible. John can’t stop licking Maverick’s face because the brains are so tasty. Maverick feels like she is being slapped repeatedly by a thin, two-headed snake.

Some of the guards from the front gate have run over to Maverick and the corporal.

“Are you alright sir? I’m sorry we didn’t come sooner, we thought you could handle this. When the little lady started getting hurt, we rushed over. Would you like to see the Quack Doctor?” One of the guards ask.

No, it’s alright, thank you. I’m really glad you stayed out of this, actually, otherwise, we would have had to file a report. I’m running late for an important mission from first Artillery Captain, Bonray Surolian.

“You mean the half-halfling?”

“Yes. (Don’t ask him about it though, he’s very sensitive.) Just throw us some clean bandages and disinfectant for the road, we don’t have time. We have to get to the check point soon.”

One of the guards runs back to the fort, and quickly returns with clean bandages and a chemical similar to rubbing alcohol. The corporal orders the driver to take them while he picks up and dusts off his heavy repeating Crossbow. Everyone climbs in the cab, and the driver flicks the reins. The horses are off to a trot.

“My apologies for the quaintness of our ride. They haven’t managed to lay railroad tracks down yet in this part of the country.”

Everyone is bandaged. All PCs (Player Characters) gain back one hp. The corporeal reloads his crossbow, and cleans the brains off his paddle.

After about an hour of riding, the carriage comes to a stop.

“Wel’, Th’s ’bout fa es awe gew.” The driver boy hollers.

As everyone climbs out, you see a second boy (Identical to the first) standing in a large boat, floating in the murky waters of dark, deep, wide swamp. The boat is tied to a long wooden dock that stretches out from the muddy murk to the solid ground the coach is standing on. The boat itself is a long, wide, flat bottom tour boat with room for six people. Three tent bags are slumped against the right side.

The swamp itself is enormous, stretching for miles and miles on end, with relatively no breaks as far as the eye can see. It is more of a foreboding mangrove swamp; full of life. Very, very deadly life. It’s a temperate marsh, and mosquitoes the size of a human pinkie finger swarm all around as bats and other nocturnal predators dart about devouring them. The canopy of the tree line is about three stories tall. The thick, ebony trunks of darkwood trees house hundreds of glowing eyes that disappear in torch light. Big brown shapes drift around in the black water.

Maverick catches a quick glance of a long, black shadow that slips into the water. The cherub shutters.

Zmire grabs a lamp on the carriage and walks onto the dock next to the boat. He hangs it on a long pole stuck onto the bow.

“Ya gotst tree people!? Awy tot yew said dare wass ony two!” the boat driver exclaims.

The corporal frowns. “Sorry everyone, we only have two extra tents. You’ll have to decide amongst yourselves who shares with who.” he says, lugging his own backpack, tent, and bedroll out of the carriage.

With that, the coach speeds away.

Malak can see 100 feet around him as if in broad daylight. Low light vision (With lanterns)

John encumbers no visual penalties, but everything is in black and white. Dark vision.

Everyone else can only see twenty feet around them, and it is dim light.


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